DTE Continues Updates to Electrical Service in Grosse Pointe Woods

Crews have been seen in the area of Marter, north of Vernier, in recent days conducting line clearance and service improvements in Grosse Pointe Woods.

Crews are continuing work to clear the area around electrical lines and upgrade equipment.
Crews are continuing work to clear the area around electrical lines and upgrade equipment.
DTE crews and contractors are continuing work in Grosse Pointe Woods to clear the area around power lines, conduct circuit maintenance work and upgrade circuits.

According to DTE figures, Grosse Pointe Woods residents have experienced an increase in outages in 2013. This spike was caused by severe weather with a 56 percent increase this year over last year.

Officials from the power company stated that nearly $4 million in work is being done to improve distribution by:
  • Clearing lines and creating a 10-foot distance between tree branches and power lines.
  • Circuit maintenance and circuit upgrades with wire and equipment replacement and upgrades, inspections and maintenance.
  • Upgrades including fusing and installation of fault indicators 
In a recent presentation to the city, two areas of Grosse Pointe Woods which experienced numerous outages were caused by trees and equipment malfunctions.  
An area between Harper and Mack, Allard and Oxford, had five outages between July 11 and Sept. 8.

A second area between Mack and east of Marter, Vernier and Blairmoor had four outages between March 26 and Sept. 10. In addition to clearing trees, upgrades are planned to the wires in this area are scheduled to be completed by April 2014.

Residents who have questions or concerns can also contact DTE Energy at (800) 477-4747 or www.dteenergy.com


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