Grosse Pointe War Memorial Breakfast Honors Veterans

Guest Speaker and Grosse Pointe native LtCol Greg Corbett, USMCR speaks to a full ballroom of veterans from all services.

It was a morning devoted to recognizing the sacrifice and service of Grosse Pointes residents who have worn the uniforms their nation's military services.  

During the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Veterans Day Breakfast, veterans from World War ll sat elbow to elbow those who have served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  

The hearty breakfast was enjoyed as Dr. Mark Webber, Grosse Pointe War Memorial President, gave the event's opening remarks and addressed the veterans seated in the audience.

"Because of you, we live in a free country."

"Because of you, we can work toware our dreams."

"Because of you and the brave men and women now serving in our military, we can enjoy all that is America."

"Because of you, our thanks go beyond gratitude.  Your example moves us to go beyond the ordinary in our work, our families and our community."

"Because of you, we are here today--at this time and at this place." 

Webber also introduced the eldest veteran present, Eugen Ignasiak, a Grosse Pointe Woods resident.  Ignasiak served in the United States Navy as an Electrician's Mate, 1st Class on an anti-submarine mission in the South Atlantic. Iganasiak's wife of 62 years, Dorothy, attened the breakfast with him.

A short film depicted the importance of remembering our veterans, "I Fought for You," was shown and met with rousing applause. 

The guest speaker, LtCol Greg Corbett, USMCR and a native of Grosse Pointe, spoke of the many community veterans who inspired him as a youth growing up in the Pointes from his little league coach to the father of a close friend.

is currently serving as the Assistant Program Manager for Logistics, Robotics Systems Joint Project Office on Selfridge ANGB. 

Corbett's father and well known physician, Dr. John Corbett, served in the United States Navy in 1941 until World War ll ended. He was sent into Japan with occupying forces and returned to service as a medical doctor during the Korean War.

Corbett thanked all the veterans present for their service that spanned more than 70 years.  He urged all present to never forget our nation's veterans and all that they have sacrificed.

The event closed with the playing of "America the Beautiful."


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