Patch Experiment: What Happens to Liquids in Sub-Zero Temps

See what happens when you throw boiling water into extremely cold air, or take cups of liquid into the elements.

Patch heads outside to see what happens to liquids in the cold weather.
Patch heads outside to see what happens to liquids in the cold weather.
Patch braved the cold temperatures Tuesday to determine what happens to boiling water, and others liquids, when the temperature drops to -11 degrees.

In an instant, the boiling water turned to crystals. Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, a scientist and author, told the Huffington Post that the hot water instantly freezes and turns to small ice crystals when it's exposed to very cold air.

"The same can happen if you toss out water from a cup from the ledge of the building. The people below will never feel it, because the water will freeze on the way down (to something like snow)," Ramirez wrote in an email to The Huffington Post.

It took just a few minutes for a cup of cold milk and tap water to freeze. A cup of hot coffee took a little longer. Check out the video to view the experiment, and students tell your teachers you saw a science experiment during the extended winter break.

Alan Stamm January 07, 2014 at 12:16 PM
Hey, Dr. Science - - Cool stunt, though it can be risky for folks lacking caution or common sense, multiple online posts show. Pro tip: Make sure wind won't blow scalding water at tosser or spectator. Buzzfeed roundup Monday night is headlined "A Whole Bunch Of People Threw Boiling Water In The Air To Watch It Freeze And Burned Themselves" [ http://bzfd.it/19OwpC4 ]


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