Year in Review: Top Stories in Grosse Pointe in 2013

Restaurant news, the closure of a spa and the passing of Grosse Pointe South's journalism teacher was among the top stories on Grosse Pointe Patch in 2013.

The closure of Janet's Lunch was one of the top stories in 2013.
The closure of Janet's Lunch was one of the top stories in 2013.
Check out some of the most read stories on Grosse Pointe Patch in 2013:

The Portrait Place - Grosse Pointe Woods December 31, 2013 at 03:00 PM
FYI to Mr. Cardenas: The link "Q and A for Grosse Pointe teacher on proposed contract" listed above doesn't work from Internet Explorer.
Ahmed Ismail December 31, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Mr. Cardenas--was there an article on Sarah Martin's departure from the GP Patch? I couldn't find one in doing a search, but surely this change and the soon to follow change in the type of and depth of coverage of certain aspects of the community by the GP Patch (including the proliferation of "blogvertorials" by businesses in the GP area) was a huge change and big news for a lot of your readers. While others in the community may disagree, I believe that this change in coverage was big new for those of us in the community who used to follow the goings on (especially in our school system) through Sarah's up-to-the minute posts. Quite possibly the radical change in the type of coverage of the GP Patch was an up top corporate decision, but I think it whoever made the change in direction made the biggest news "Patch wise" for the community in 2013.
Judith Preston January 01, 2014 at 12:14 PM
Patch has lost it's local flavor with Sarah's departure and the cut back in local reporting. My understanding is that there was new ownership by Huffington Post at about the time of her departure. Taking the local decisions and making it fit the national design will probably mow the Patch down to nothing. It already feels this way to me.


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