Manager of Caribou Coffee in Village to Send Coffee to Overseas Troops

Patrons are encouraged to buy coffee on Friday, Dec. 16--a pound at a time-- that will be packaged up and sent to troops overseas for Christmas.

Buying gifts for loved ones can be a real kick. Buying something for someone else's loved one who is far away and performing a courageous duty is a truly amazing feeling.

Vicky Valente, manager of the Caribou Coffee in the Village, had a great idea to help make this happen, and all Grosse Pointers can participate. On Friday, December 16, she will ask patrons to buy a pound of coffee to donate to our troops overseas. Valente will then package it all up and make one shipment that is expected to arrive in time for Christmas.

“I want it there for Christmas,” said Valente, a City of Grosse Pointe resident as well.

Valente knows that her customers are busy buying gifts for those individuals on their shopping lists. And part of the kick of buying a gift for someone is watching them open it. Although those who donate a pound of Caribou coffee won’t actually see a soldier enjoying a freshly brewed cup of these premium beans, they will be able to feel it in their hearts and see it in their minds.

As those who really enjoy good coffee know, there is a huge difference between lower-end coffees and the ones offered by Caribou. The gift of a really, really good cup of coffee is truly a treat, especially for those who are far away from home serving our country and helping others.

“I know that people are more giving and caring this time of year,” Valente said. “They think of others. It's the time of year when generosity comes out. I just want people to come out and warm up the troops.”

Go ahead and make Caribou a destination on Friday. Buy yourself a cup of java and relax for awhile in the comfortable setting. If you stop in on Friday evening, you will also be treated to live music. Who knows, you might even be able to sing a Christmas carol or two.

LMJ December 13, 2011 at 12:33 PM
I love it, what a great idea. Thanks, Caribou, for doing this. Any way to coordinate this effort with our Caribou here on Mack in the Woods?
Louis Melledy May 11, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Wow what a great way to boost their sales and take credit for donating coffee to soldiers. Nice pictures of our soldiers holding the coffee and thanking caribou for their donation on Caribous Facebook page. It's win win for caribou, All they had to do is to exploit our military, and scam their customers. Please donate here instead www.usvetsinc.org


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