How to Address Your Top Tech Problems

Solutions for technical issues at work or home

Time and money are two things that small and medium businesses like to keep a close eye on. So the last thing they need is tech trouble that eats up both hours and budget.

Unfortunately, too many are still plagued by technology problems that hamper their business. Whether it’s performance-draining malware or confusing device configuration, work can come to a standstill while expenses pile up – especially when there may be little or no staff dedicated to sorting out the IT issues as they arise.

What small and medium businesses need is a convenient, low-cost way to help keep their computers and peripherals humming. With help from the right provider, they can economically address many of their technology difficulties – around the clock, whether in small or distributed offices.

That’s especially important given the types of problems small companies are most commonly confronted by. Some are simple and straightforward; others are more complex. If your company experiences any of the following, a support solution like AT&T’s Tech Support 360SM* might be right for you.

Unable to access Wi-Fi networks, Web or e-mail: Telecommuters may be familiar with this scenario, which isn’t just frustrating, but time-consuming as well. Misconfigured ingoing and outgoing e-mail ports or issues with a wireless card can stall progress on important projects. Off-site employees can schedule remote walk-throughs of confusing setups at hotels or outside offices, allowing
workers to be fully productive when on the road.


Trouble with Microsoft Office applications: This can often be chalked up to complex and nonintuititive applications. Manuals may exist somewhere but that’s little comfort for the harried worker hurrying to accomplish more than the time they have to do it. Businesses want to get better use of their technology, not spend their time understanding and troubleshooting it. Turning to AT&T Tech
Support 360 allows workers to schedule someone to help with these frustrating

Slow startup and sluggish performance: This may be the most common complaint of computer users, and the possible causes are numerous: an excess of temporary files or cookies; undetected spyware; malware unknowingly downloaded from social networking and other Web sites; or startup programs running unnoticed in the background. We can help with regular tune-ups and optimization, which can help in removing unwanted processes, software and files and promoting faster boot-up
and performance.


Trouble with device installation and configuration: Printers, wireless routers, scanners, digital cameras: Confusing instructions and overly detailed documentation can make the addition of new devices a time-consuming challenge even for tech-savvy individuals, never mind getting them to work right. And isn’t that all an employee wants anyway – for their technology to do what it’s supposed to do?


Learning to use and leverage new operating systems such as Windows 7: New Operating systems are constantly being introduced. Companies want to benefit from key new features that improve performance and security. One-on-One training from an IT certified technician is a great way to obtain knowledge about new operating systems and learn how to use them.

Viruses, Spyware and Malware: Some of the biggest threats to small and medium businesses are security breaches and system failures due to spyware. These problems can quickly lead to loss of critical data and can dramatically impact customer satisfaction.

AT&T Tech Support 360SM offers this remote service package to help keep your PC running smoothly. Our IT certified technicians will help locate and remove spyware, adware and viruses.

Can’t get technical support outside of regular business hours: Telecommuting has blurred the line between the workplace and home and extended the workday in both directions. What’s more, for many small businesses, logging on after-hours or on weekends is the only way to keep up with the task load. Unfortunately, it may be challenging to find help with the technical issues that arise outside the nine-to-five workday.

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