C'mon, GPP dog owners...

Walked my dog in the Windmill Pointe sub this morning and "accosted" in two separate incidents: a large German Shepherd type dog east corner house at Lakepointe and Jefferson -- charged me barking and growling: when I yelled at it it ran into the backyard; small black Pomeranian with white muzzle darting back and forth across Fairfax and Nottingham. (Okay-not "accosted" here but am concerned for the welfare of this skittish dog.) This is becoming all too common and these are not the pets of renters...these are the pets of homeowners. Take care of them! And be aware if there are injuries (traffic or otherwise) due to them running loose, you are facing very expensive lawsuits.
Lisa Baird January 16, 2014 at 09:41 AM
You're not the only one who has been encountering aggressive dogs. In the last 1 1/2 years, my dogs and I have been attacked 3 TIMES. Each time, my black lab, my small white dog and I have been walking peacefully along a sidewalk. First, on Kercheval,,a chocolate lab ran down a side street, barreled across Kercheval, ran into and bounced off of a pickup truck that had stopped because it saw it coming, and proceeded to first attack my small white dog, I grabbed it, then it started in on the lab. I ran away and the lab did not follow. The second time, while walking on Grosse Pointe Blvd. on a beautiful spring afternoon, I didn't notice an unleashed husky sitting on top of a contractor's pick up truck until it leaped off and began (viciously) attacking. I truly was screaming at the top of my lungs, finally, a woman jumped out of her car to help and the contractor came running out of the house yelling that his dog had never done this before. Sure. He reached for her to put her in the truck and she turned and grabbed his forearm. I hurried away, and the next day noticed my lab had an oozing puncture wound on his haunches. Off to the vet who confirmed the injury and told me to not believe the owner who said that's never happened before. Most recently, I was walking only my leashed, calm lab on Lincoln when out of a back yard bolted a small Pomeranian type dog, snarling and growling and bouncing off of my lab....no big deal, small dog, I can handle that. Unfortunately, a mixed breed boxer/pit bull type dog followed, running at full speed, started attacking the lab, I'm of course screaming and KICKING the other dog, he does not stop, I get knocked over, the owners run out and ask me if there's anything they can do. Seriously? Leash your dogs! I was so rattled as I was walking away, I stopped and turned around to see which block I was in so I could avoid it next time- and the woman yelled from the yard " The address is --- in case you want to know!" That was the last straw, I called the police and filed a report. They went and spoke with the owner, but because there was no injury to me or the dog, that was all they could do. I learned that if there is an injury ( like with the husky attack) they will remove the animal and quarantine it for a period of time. I'm an experienced dog owner and animal lover, so when I use the word 'attack' for these situations, I'm not referring to a dog slowly approaching in a threatening manner, I'm talking about dogs who are bolting toward us in a totally unrestrained manner, snarling ,growling, baring their teeth and pouncing on my dogs. Unlike your experiences, my screaming and kicking didn't deter the dogs, that's what I found so scary.
Gloria January 16, 2014 at 10:57 AM
​What??? The police did nothing???? I thought there is a leash law in Grosse Pointe. Why would the police not come and issue a ticket... make them pay a fine for not having their dog under control! I recently rescued a dog on my street when a lawn service left a gate open. The owner had no idea this happened. Thank God I was able to return the dog. I know sometimes thinks happen... however, this dog was sweet and calm... not every dog is... therefore, for those dogs charging ,growling, baring their teeth should have a ticket issued.... While driving down the street, I have stopped and confronted anyone who is walking their dog without a leash and reminding of the leash law in Grosse Pointe! A lease protects the dog and owner!
Tina K. January 17, 2014 at 07:23 AM
My neighbors have a pit bull on an electric fence in their front yard, corner of Bedford and Essex. It's on my route to Patterson Park, where I take my kids almost daily when the weather is nice. When I see the dog is out, I usually go out of my way to avoid walking by. This fall, I had my 1yr old in a wagon and 4yr old on her bike, which she was just learning to ride. I was busy keeping her from falling, so I didn't notice the dog until it was right at the edge of the grass gnashing its teeth and barking at us. My daughter was startled and fell off the bike, so I had to corral her, the bike and my little one in the wagon. It was terrifying. I don't think it's right to have aggressive dogs on an invisible fence in the front yard, especially on a corner house and so close to a park where everyone walks, bikes, etc. I should be able to walk to the park without having to worry or walk out of my way to avoid threatening dogs. Has anyone else encountered these dogs on the corner near the park?
Gloria January 17, 2014 at 08:11 AM
​Sounds like some city ordnance's need to be drafted. No dogs can be unleashed in any front yard with an invisible fence... these are NOT proper fences and can not restrain a dog is it does want to be! Any rescue group would NEVER allow an adoption of someone with an invisible fence. Go to your city hall and demand a secure fence for those animals NOT ON A LEASH!
Kelly January 17, 2014 at 09:39 AM
The city will not allow you to put up a fence even in your backyard in certain sections of town so for some owners the invisible fence is there only option to let the dog run free. I think nice fences should be allowed throughout the city.
Scott January 17, 2014 at 03:44 PM
I live at the east corner house of Lakepointe and Jefferson, but that was not my dog. I have a medium-sized German Shepherd-looking mutt with floppy ears. He is ALWAYS behind a secure fence when he is in the backyard, though, and he has never gotten out. My dog was not even at my house on Wednesday the 15th, but he is never aggressive anyway. My neighbors, on the other hand, have a large pure-bred German Shepherd and they rarely close their driveway gate. Their dog is nice, as far as I can tell, but it does get out on occasion. I think maybe you mistook their driveway for mine. So, let's not all glare at my house, please! It wasn't the corner house.


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