GP Woods Truth: All those for higher taxes, raise a hand!

C'mon now. Fess up! You love to give 'em money, don't you?

By Pete Waldmeir

OK, now. Today let's conduct a little poll today.

All you folks in Grosse Pointe Woods who have "Yes Yes" lawn signs designed to convince voters that they should vote for the $20 million for 10 years in Headlee Override tax increases on the Nov. 6 ballot, raise your hands!

C'mon, now! Be proud! Get those hands in the air!


Now, all you folks with "Yes Yes" lawn signs who are one of the few Woods' city employees who actually live in the city - or are one of the 114 mayoral appointees that are invited to attend the various ceremonies, parties assorted other soirees that Mayor Bob Novitke throws with taxpayers' money every year - you raise your hands.

Oh, for crying out loud, get 'em up! Nobody's taking names.

That's better.

Now for the next question.

How many of you 114 mayoral appointees and very rare number of city employees who actually live and pay taxes in Grosse Pointe Woods voluntarily asked for a "Yes Yes" lawn sign to be placed in your front yard?

C'mon! There have to be more than that! You don't believe that raising your own taxes by 4 mills is a good idea? Hey, be proud to give 'til it hurts!

Hold on. What's that? You've heard it whispered around city hall that if we vote to raise our taxes, even if the mayor and council just waste it instead of cutting their bloated budget it might help discourage "them" from moving into our pristine neighborhood?

Who's "them"? Young families who love the Woods, but won't be able to afford $20 million for 10 years in Headlee Override taxes? Seniors on fixed (broken?) incomes?

Oh, well, one final question.

All you with the "Yes Yes" signs in the front yard who are (1) among Mayor Novitke's 114 commission appointees, (2) one of the very rare city employees who actually live and pay taxes in the Woods, (3) one of the six council members who do live and pay taxes here or (4) someone who still believes in the Tooth Fairy, answer this one truthfullly.

When you're in the privacy of the voting booth on Nov. 6 - or when you're sitting at the kitchen table at home with an absentee ballot in front of you - raise your hands if you're actually going to vote to raise your own taxes $400 a year for 10 years or more.

C'mon. Tell the truth.

Hmmm. Just as I thought.

Both of you can put your hands down now. We have counselors standing by to give you a reality check.

Want a NO NEW TAXES, NO BLANK CHECK lawn sign? Email PWaldmeir@aol.com. Or call 313-882-5490. We deliver.



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