Bashara Attorney Hopes No Charges Will be Filed

David Griem, the attorney for Bob Bashara, also criticized media reports that described his client's sex life.

David Griem, the attorney for Bob Bashara, said he hopes no charges will be forthcoming against his client in a case that has shocked Grosse Pointe Park and drawn national attention.

Griem addressed the media at a televised press conference in his Detroit office on Friday morning.

police have called Bob Bashara a “person of interest” in the death of Jane Bashara, but thus far no charges have been filed.

“I hope that there will be no charges coming against my client,” Griem said.

Griem also criticized media reports that described Bob Bashara’s sex life and talked with “S&M ladies” who said they were involved with Bashara.

“I’m sure they’re appreciative ... their business has gone through the roof,” Griem said. “But you know what, the Bashara children are not very appreciative, and I think most of the people out there are not very appreciative.”

Griem also criticized accounts an alleged accomplice, whom he called “Joe,” gave to police.

At the beginning of the press conference, Griem made several attempts at dark humor—he said that his S&M name was "Shorty." He later apologized for the jokes.

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