Bob Bashara to Seek Reduction in $15M Bond

Bob Bashara, who is accused of hiring a hitman to kill Joe Gentz, will make his next appearance in Third Circuit Court Thursday to ask the judge for a reduction in his bond.

Third Circuit Court Judge Bruce Morrow will consider a motion Thursday by 's attorney for a reduction in his .

The hearing is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, according to Maria Miller, the spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Bashara is charged with solicitation of murder. He is accused of hiring a hitman to kill while he was housed by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department on .

Gentz is accused in of , whose . Jane Bashara was an with the schools when her children were still there. Professionally she worked as a marketing executive in Detroit.

News of her death traveled through the community quickly and had a shocking effect on not only those who were close with her but also the residents of an otherwise quiet, low-crime, close-knit community. The case in the weeks after her body was discovered.

Bob Bashara was outside a restaurant on the solicitation charge. He had been named early in the investigation.

The charge he faces involving hiring a hitman to kill Joe Gentz is similar to what Gentz told police happened in Jane Bashara's death—that Bob Bashara hired him to kill his wife.

A $15 million cash-only bond was set for Bob Bashara after Wayne County prosecutors presented a series of reasons, including witness intimidation, erratic behavior and easy access to millions of dollars that make him a flight risk.

The prosecutors requested a cash-only bond be set to ensure his likelihood to reappear in court if he is able to make bond. Generally bonds are set with a 10 percent provision allowing the defendant to come up with only that portion of the total bond to secure their return to court.

He's remained in the Wayne County Jail since his arrest and has not paid the bond.

Bob Bashara is scheduled to stand trial Nov. 12 in Third Circuit Court.

Meanwhile, Gentz remains in police custody. He is . An exact date has not yet been set.


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