Grosse Pointe Park Police Investigate Alleged Harrassment

The Huffington Post reported that Grosse Pointe Park Police are alleged to have harassed black men.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post/Motor City Muckraker
Photo courtesy of Huffington Post/Motor City Muckraker

Grosse Pointe Park police are conducting an internal investigation after post on a Detroit blog showing members of the police force allegedly harassing African-American men, according to a story by The Huffington Post.

The post of the alleged harassment was Motor City Muckraker showed Grosse Pointe Park police officers capturing "humiliating photos and videos" of black men and sharing them with friends and family, the Huffington Post reported.

An anonymous source reportedly provided the photos and videos to Steve Neavling, who runs the blog. 

Grosse Pointe Park Police Captain David Loch emailed the following statement to The Huffington Post about the post:

"On Thursday, November 14 2013, the Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department was contacted by an individual who said that he was in possession of video clips and a photo of African American males. The video clips and photo are allegedly made by an officer of this department. The department has begun an internal investigation of this matter. The Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Department does not tolerate unprofessional conduct by its officers when interacting with any citizen they may come in contact with."


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