Grosse Pointe Park Police Search Home in Narcotics Investigation

Recent information given to the Grosse Pointe Park police led them to seek a search warrant for a home on Somerset Street, which was served Tuesday afternoon.

detectives are still sorting through evidence gathered from a Somerset Street house Tuesday, including pounds of marijuana recovered during a narcotics investigation. 

Two young adult men are in police custody as detectives continue investigating, Park Public Safety Director David Hiller said. The men have not yet been charged but are being questioned, he said. 

The police received information recently that led detectives to seek a search warrant from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office for a home in the 1400 block of Somerset, Hiller said. The warrant was served shortly after 12 p.m. Tuesday. 

Thus far, Hiller said, multiple pounds of marijuana have been seized by police. It is not yet clear exactly how much marijuana but Hiller described it as a "substantial amount." 

Some loose pills were also seized during the search but detectives have not yet determined what the pills are and whether they are of an illegal nature. They were loose and without a container, Hiller said. 

If charges result, they are not likely until Wednesday at the very earliest but it could be even later in the week, Hiller said. 

The department used its Special Response Team to help enter the house considering the circumstances of the investigation, he said. More information will become available as detectives work through all of the evidence seized, he said. 


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