Judge: Bashara's Attorney Must Remain on Case

Despite being a mutual motion by David Griem and Bob Bashara, a 36th District Court judge ruled Thursday that Griem must remain on the case and the preliminary exam for next week must go on. Griem was ordered to help any new attorney hired in the case.

Less than a week before 's attorney David Griem sought to be relieved of the case due to a change in the pair's relationship.

, a , Bob Bashara's wife. Both Bob Bashara and Joe Gentz are being held at separate Wayne County lockup facilities. to stand trial after . 

Bob Bashara agrees with his attorney's motion, according to Local 4 WDIV, which reported that Bashara is scheduled to interview new potential attorneys today and Friday

Griem's motion was filed Wednesday and 36th District Court Judge Kenneth J. King ruled Thursday that Griem must remain on the case and help any new attorney that might be hired by Bashara, according to the Detroit Free Press

In his ruling Thursday, King also stated that the preliminary exam scheduled for next Tuesday must happen as an important witness in the case has health problems that are of concern to the court, according to the Free Press. 

The preliminary exam is a hearing in which the judge determines whether the prosecutor's have sufficient evidence to continue pursuing the charge filed against the defendent.

While preliminary exams are often waived by the person accused of the crime, generally in higher profile cases that include offenses carrying life sentences, such as Bashara's, the hearing is not waived. 

Should Bashara choose to have his preliminary exam, there will likely be the introduction of evidence, including witness testimony--all of which is evaluated by the judge to determine whether the case may continue. 

During Bashara's arraignment, Griem hinted repeatedly at the possibility of the preliminary exam taking two days to complete--a likely indication that many wintnesses are scheduled to testify.

Although neither Griem nor Bashara explained the specific reasons for wanting to part ways, both told the judge they wanted to go their own way, according to the Free Press.

Diane Smith July 19, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Birds of a feather flock together.


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