Park Police Decline to Answer Questions on Bashara Investigation

Grosse Pointe Park Public Safety Director David Hiller also asks that anyone with information related to the death of Jane Bashara to contact police.

Following a on Friday, Public Safety Director David Hiller released a written statement declining to answer questions about the case.

In the release, Hiller also asks that anyone with information pertaining to the strangulation death of Jane E. Bashara contact police. The release emphasizes the job of the police to do a complete and thorough investigation to "prove facts beyond a reasonable doubt."

Meanwhile, WDIV Local 4 reports that the man who turned himself in earlier this week claiming to have information and to have witnessed at the very least Jane Bashara's death has been released from custody. They caught his release on video camera.

The man has not been charged and police are continuing the investigation, which includes in .

Her death was ruled a homicide by strangulation after near 7 Mile and Hoover roads in Detroit.

Bob Bashara has been interviewed by police at least twice and his attorney, David Griem, said Friday he will talk to police again if they request it.

"We are ready and willing to sit down with police again," Griem said. His last interview included a polygraph that he reportedly failed. He has since taken another polygraph through his attorney, which he has passed, Griem said.

Jane Bashara's death has been a heavy focus of local media and , even appearing in some publications overseas. It has also been the topic of conversation throughout the Grosse Pointes.

The circumstances under which her body was found have been questioned and there is no shortage of opinions being shared on social media sites and within conversations around the community.

Bob Bashara's character, sex life and other details have been heavily scrutinized by media but .

Griem also said he became involved in the case after receiving several phone calls from those in the community who support Bob Bashara, including neighbors and friends. He first met Bob Bashara on Wednesday after Jane Bashara's memorial service. He talked with Bob and his children and when he walked out of the house, they had agreed Griem would represent him.

He said he does not believe his client murdered Jane Bashara.

Meanwhile, Maria Miller, the spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, released another statement Friday afternoon saying the office has not received any information related to a warrant request for the Bashara case.


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