Police Briefs: Drug Bust Leads to Family Troubles, Texting While Driving Causes Accident

The following information was gathered from the public safety departments of the Grosse Pointes. Arrests do not indicate conviction.

Drug bust leads to family problems

Grosse Pointe Shores police stopped a Ford Escape in the early morning hours of Dec. 1 that appeared to speeding on Lake Shore. When the officer spoke to the driver, the officer smelled what was believed to be marijuana in the vehicle. The officer asked the driver where the marijuana was, and the 16-year-old Grosse Pointe resident said he smoked it earlier n the day. When the driver exited the vehicle, and was being patted down, the officer discovered a scale with marijuana remnants. After a search of the vehicle the officer found baggies containing multiple smaller baggies containing suspected marijuana.  

The teen was arrested for marijuana possession and the vehicle was impounded. When the mother was called to pick up her son, she was arrested on warrant out of Grosse Pointe Woods. 

In a related issue in the City of Grosse Pointe on Dec. 2, a 59-year-old Grosse Pointe resident reported to police that an unknown caller threatened his life if he didn’t get his ex-wife’s car out of the impound in Grosse Pointe Shores. The caller made threats to the man, his home and his business.

Texting while driving

Grosse Pointe Woods police arrested a 20-year-old resident in the early hours of Dec. 1 in the 600 block of Anita after the car she was driving struck a mini-van. The driver said she was on her way home after visiting a friend and was sending a text message when she collided with the parked vehicle. Police ticketed the woman for driving while license suspended and distracted driving.


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