Police in Pointes Help Detroit Arrest Man in Robberies

The following information is gathered from the public safety departments of Grosse Pointe Park and the City of Grosse Pointe. Arrests do not indicate conviction.

's K9 officer Raleigh helped retrieve a 20-year-old man wanted in at least two armed robberies from underneath a bed inside a Grosse Pointe Park home over the weekend. 

The robberies were committed in Detroit and details of those crimes were not immediately available.

Officers from the City of Grosse Pointe as well as Grosse Pointe Park and Detroit converged on a home in the 1000 block of Maryland Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. July 2 after the man ran inside. 

Two adults and a child exited the house, according to report, one of whom is the sister of the wanted man. She told police he was the only person inside the home and that he was hiding in the basement. She also told officers she was not sure whether or not he was armed. 

Raleigh and his handler, City Sgt. Michael Almeranti, entered the home. Almeranti yelled warnings several times to the man that if he didn't come out from wherever he was hiding, his dog would be sent in and he would bite to retrieve him. 

None of the warnings yielded a response, so Raleigh was let into the house, leading officers to a bedroom. Raleigh was not immediately able to get under the bed due to limited space but clearly indicated the man was under it. Officers asked the man to exit from under the bed, but he didn't immediately respond. 

Officers moved the bed to allow the dog more space and he bit the man's forearm in an attempt to drag him out. The man finally surrendered and told officers he would come out from under the bed, according to police reports. 

He admitted to hearing all of the warnings from Almeranti and willfully ignoring them. Police arrested the man, who was treated for his bite wound, and Detroit officers took custody of him, according to reports.

In another similar but unrelated case, Grosse Pointe Park officers helped a Detroit Patrol unit arrest two Detroit teenagers June 29 who were also wanted in connection with an armed robbery and vehicle theft in Detroit.

The Detroit patrol officer was attempting to perform a traffic stop on Mack Avenue about 9:30 p.m. but the teens would not stop. They finally stopped after losing control of their vehicle and officers from both departments arrested them.

The teens, 17 and 19, were not injured and were left in the custody of the Detroit officer, according to a report.


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