Update: Grosse Pointe Farms Police Question Suspects

The getaway vehicle used in two purse thefts from cars in gas station lots Sunday has been recovered and Farms police are questioning "persons of interest" in the case.

police are questioning "persons of interest" from along Mack Avenue. 

Detectives recovered the getaway vehicle—identified as a dark blue Toyota Scion—Monday. Two men and a woman allegedly circled gas station parking lots Sunday and then stole two purses from two different cars at two different businesses. 

The group first struck in the at the station near Mack Avenue and Neff Road, detective Christopher J. Lee said. Immediately following that crime, they moved to the at Mack Avenue and Moross Road, he said. 

The victim from the Shell station told officers she pumped gas for her car, then ran inside to talk to the attendant about a light that had come on in her car. She left her car unlocked when she ran inside and when she returned, her door was ajar and her purse was missing, Lee said. 

A similar scenario happened a short time later, about 1:10 p.m. Sunday at BP at Mack Avenue and Moross Road, but a witness was able to get a license plate from the getaway vehicle, Lee said. 

The owner of the getaway vehicle is to be brought in for questioning later today and Farms police have already said they are interviewing "persons of interest" in the crimes. 

Information about how or where detectives found the getaway vehicle or persons of interest was not immediately available Monday afternoon. No arrests had been made as of 3 p.m. Monday but detectives were still interviewing. 

It is also not known whether any of the stolen possessions were recovered when the car was taken into police custody. 

Patch is awaiting return phone calls from Farms police officials. 


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