Update: State, Park Police Leave Bashara Home

Grosse Pointe Park and Michigan State police left the Bashara home shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday after loading up the back of an unmarked silver minivan. Meanwhile, the man freed Friday from custody was spotted running into Park police department moments

Seven investigators spent about three hours in Wednesday reportedly gathering evidence on a search warrant. in the , , whose .

Among the investigators at the Bashara home Wednesday were a detective, a Grosse Pointe Park patrol officer and at least one man and one woman wore gear marked with the Michigan State Police emblem.

Two other men and a woman wearing casual clothing were also inside, believed to be investigators. One of those men left the house about 15 minutes before the larger group and another man left about 20 minutes after the larger group exited.

Grosse Pointe Park Detective Mike Narduzzi declined comment as he was swarmed by media upon exiting the house and getting into a Grosse Pointe Park squad car. He said he was under a gag order and repeatedly told media he could not comment.

Minutes after he and others left the Bashara home, was spotted running into the Grosse Pointe Park police department. The man, Joe Gentz, did not answer any questions from the media.

A few minutes later, the man left the department in a minivan driven by another man.

Grosse Pointe Park police have declined to answer questions from the media, saying they need to do a complete and thorough investigation to be able to prove the case "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Bob Bashara's well-known attorney, . Bashara left his house a short time after police arrived and then his mother left the home about half an hour after him.

Stig Larsen February 09, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Did 7th graders write this story? Unbelievably lame: "..and a woman wearing casual clothing", well that was relevant. I'm calling Children Protective Services.. I know you have children writing this stuff.


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