Bledsoe Will Forward Letters of Concern to Snyder on Split District Issue

The new district map that passed in the Michigan House and Senate calling for a split of the Pointes is awaiting the signature of Gov. Rick Snyder. There is little recourse, but Rep. Tim Bledsoe will pass letters of concern to the governor.

Following for the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate, Rep. Tim Bledsoe has heard from many Grosse Pointers regarding the split of the Pointes. 

The maps are redrawn every 10 years to ensure equal representation as the population shifts, grows or otherwise changes per the U.S. Census. 

Bledsoe, who represents the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods, voted against the map calling for the split but the yes votes won. The bill now awaits the signature of Gov. Rick Snyder to make it into law. 

Despite U.S. Census figures showing that –a low number that would allow him to simply expand his district a bit to make up the difference– is likely to blame.

In his weekly newsletter to constituents, Bledsoe said there is likely little that can be done to reverse the decision but anyone wishing to share their concerns can send those his way and he'll pass them along. Challenging such a change legally is unlikely to succeed, according to Bledsoe.

He previously told Patch the redrawn maps had gone through the bill passage process much more quickly than normal–haste that he does not like. Normally when a bill comes out of committee, the second reading is done on the floor the same day and the third/final reading is done one day later.

In this case, the bill came out of committee and all of the readings were done on the same day. Bledsoe does not know why the maps are being rushed through the process, especially considering the deadline is November. 

The split breaks the Shores, Woods and Harper Woods with a significant portion of Detroit as one district while the Farms, City of Grosse Pointe and the Park along with another significant portion of Detroit into a second district. It means that the Grosse Pointes could not longer have a voice representing the community, which Bledsoe finds concerning. 

While the Pointes and Harper Woods are technically six municipalities, Bledsoe believes they operate very much as one community and that community's interests vary greatly from other nearby communities. 

To contact Bledsoe, email him or call him toll-free at 888-254-5291.

Richard Lake July 09, 2011 at 02:07 PM
Of course redrawing the district lines is to give Republicans an advantage! A petition is circulating now to REPEAL PUBLIC ACT 4 of 2011, "The Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act". http://michiganforward.org/?page_id=678 http://action.afscme.org/c/346/p/salsa/web/common/public/signup?signup_page_KEY=773 Petitions Are or Will Be Circulating Soon to Recall These Members of the Michigan Legislature: Sen. Randy Richardville Sen. Mike Nofs Sen. Michael L. Green Sen. Judy Emmons Sen. Darwin L. Booher Rep. Nancy E. Jenkins Rep. Jase Bolger Rep. Al Pscholka Rep. Kurt Damrow Rep. Joel Johnson Rep. Philip N. Potvin And petitions Are Circulating to Recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. http://firericksnyder.org/ http://michiganforward.org/?page_id=940 http://progressmichigan.org/democracy.html http://www.mea.org/tipping-point-house-bills-4625-4628
Bob Carr July 10, 2011 at 03:09 PM
A while back, Rep. Bledsoe promised to forward comments of concern to Gov. Snyder and Lansing regarding the plan to admit Detroit students into vacancies in Grosse Pointe Schools based upon lottery. I went to Rep. Bledsoe's website, carefully drafted a message of concern, and... that was the last I heard on the matter. Not even an acknowledgment from Rep. Bledsoe's office. Effective representation requires more than promises to forward our letters. A voter likes to know that he's being listened to... he also likes to know that his representative is having an impact on the decisions that matter.
Mike White July 11, 2011 at 01:43 PM
I did the same thing. I received a reply stating that my message was received, and that a forum would take place to discuss the matter further,which I believe is this Wednesday. Rep. Bledsoe also mentioned the matter at the local Democratic fundraiser held at Windmill Pointe Park in the recent past. I look forward to attending this Wednesday's forum.


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