Grosse Pointe Farms Council Votes to Oppose Division of House District

The city is joining the other Grosse Pointes in opposing a pending bill before Gov. Rick Snyder calling for the Pointes and Harper Woods to be split into two state house districts.

The council voted unanimously Monday to file a letter of opposition with Gov. Rick Snyder concerning a pending bill awaiting his signature. 

The bill calls for into two districts—each gaining larger sections of Detroit and dividing the six communities that have historically been represented by one district. 

Snyder has through today to either sign or veto the bill, according to a weekly update from Rep. Tim Bledsoe (D-Grosse Pointe). 

The districts were redrawn to accommodate for changes in population as determined by the U.S. Census and is done every 10 years following the release of census results. 

The new districts call for Grosse Pointe Shores, Grosse Pointe Woods and Harper Woods to be one district along with a section of Detroit. Grosse Pointe Farms, City of Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe Park along with a section of Detroit would be the other district. 

The fear by officials and residents, many of whom have , is that the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods will then be without representation in the Michigan House of Representatives

All of the councils from and Harper Woods passed resolutions to in the last month or so. a letter asking Snyder to veto the bill. 


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