Home Building Permits Spike in GP Farms

Five new construction homes are underway in Grosse Pointe Farms, a level of development that has not happened in at least the last decade.

 Director of Public Services Terry Brennan has recently approved five construction permits for new houses. It is the biggest construction boom for new houses Brennan has ever experienced in his 13 years with the city.

While the Farms has certainly had construction of new homes in the last 13 years, he's never had five projects going on at the same time, he said.

Happy to see the investment in the city, Brennan believes its a reflection of the rebounding economy and the confidence of residents.

With the exception of one 12,000 square-foot home on the list, all of the homes are expected to be built in the coming months and should be occupied by residents by about Thanksgiving, Brennan said.

The largest property will take approximately 18 months to two years to complete, he said. Signs of its construction have become more obvious after the lot at 60 Lake Shore Road was clearcut last year and now a foundation is being put in. The clearcutting was noticable to passing motorists because it opened up a view to Lake St. Clair in an area of the roadway normally without such a view.

There was a dip in the number of construction permits even for remodels to existing homes when the housing market crashed, Brennan said, but he is seeing more investment.

More residents seem to be investing in their homes with the idea of living there longer, he said. There are still not as many remodeling permits requested as there were in the early 2000s, he said.

The new homes will be built at the following locations:

  • 16 Windemere Place
  • 10 Carrington Place
  • 60 Lake Shore Road
  • 313 Kerby Road
  • 267 Lake Shore Road

Construction is in various phases at each site, including the one on Kerby Road where the lot remains empty and there are not obvious signs of the upcoming construction. Meanwhile, the new home at 267 Lakeshore Road is already framed and coming along quickly.

George R. McMullen Jr. April 29, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Excellent news a win for Grosse Pointe Farms is a win for all the Pointes and Harper Woods
Bill May 01, 2012 at 07:12 PM
I will never understand why the tore down that great old house on the lake just to build some ugly new cheaply made house there, I thought they were going to put a old folks home there at one time? Not that that would be any better
Mark May 02, 2012 at 03:39 PM
The people who wanted to build the condos there were the ones who tore down the old home because they were looking to make a profit on the property. The condo project was shut down because residents nearby and in the Farms had the foresight to fight it. Unfortunately the developers had already torn down the house years before the condo proposal was stopped.


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