Plans for Grosse Pointe Bike Paths Progress

The committee working to determine bike paths in the Grosse Pointes is nearing legal review of the plans before they are presented to each of the councils for approval.

Work is still going on behind the scenes related to and approval for them could happen this summer.

The bike paths were an initiative through the 's 'Live Well Grosse Pointe' campaign.

Wayne County Commissioner Tim Killeen said the plans must be reviewed by both the legal representatives from the county and from the Grosse Pointes.

While there was some , Killeen said it's possible there will be more of a focus on being a bike-friendly community with heavy signage.

Last July, . That route has not been made public.

Committee leader Ed Lazar recently told Killeen the group is nearing completion of its plans. Killeen said the legal review needs to happen within the next month or two in order to get the final plans before each of the Grosse Pointe city councils in June and July.

The $70,000 from the Wayne County Parks and Recreation Division secured by Killeen to pay for the bike lane markings and signs must be used by Sept. 30.

Killeen said the way the funding works each of the Grosse Pointes have to spend the money on the project and then receive a reimbursement from the county. The project has been important to Killeen, who often hears from Grosse Pointers about paying taxes into the county's parks and recreation division but not seeing any return on those dollars.

All of the municipal parks in the Grosse Pointes are restricted to use by residents only and entry is dependent on having a pass, which is issued annually by each of the cities. The county funding is only able to go toward projects that are accessible to the public, which is why the bike paths qualify.

Killeen said he is confident the project will happen despite the seemingly slow process its taken since he secured the money.

GP For Life March 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM
We have bike paths. They're called sidewalks. The uptick in bike paths in the metro area is disturbing. First, this isn't China. This is Detroit. Home of the automobile. Arsenal of Democracy. What about that says bike paths? The only thing this will do is make our children wear skinny jeans and drink PBR.
Rebecca Fannon, GPPSS Community Relations March 22, 2012 at 01:14 PM
The school system has actively supported this Live Well bike path initiative, particularly in educating our community on how to safely share the road. On sunny days like today, an impressive number of students bike to school reducing congestion on our neighborhood streets and limiting our carbon footprint. We look forward to the designated routes that will be used not only by families, but by avid bicyclists already exploring our neighboring communities and benefitting from their traffic to area businesses. I thank the Chamber and Commissioner for their forward-thinking.
Brian Vosburg March 22, 2012 at 01:55 PM
I'll second Rebecca's comments. It's actually unsafe to ride your bike on the sidewalk. They're for pedestrians, not bikes. Now it is probably safer for kids to ride on the sidewalk up to a certain age, but on the street riding with the flow of traffic has been proven to be far safer. The Pointes are among the most bikable communities in SE MI with lots of compelling destinations within easy biking distance from most residents and many of the main streets can easily accomodate bike lanes with little modification. No one is forcing people to ride bikes, it's about giving people transportation options and making it safer for bicyclists which are plentiful in the Pointes. I see people of all ages and for all reasons riding their bikes around town. I look forward to learning more about this "top secret" bike plan (how can a publicly funded plan being reviewed by public officials not be available to the public?).
Judy March 22, 2012 at 04:43 PM
How silly is the idea that bikes have to compete with autos. There are so many reasons to bike when able and to have a safe venue for biking is a great idea. The sidewalks are difficult to navigate with a bike especially with curbs and people on the sidewalk. Riding in the street is dangerous with the traffic and it would be wonderful to have a bike route.
The Village Malcontent March 22, 2012 at 06:08 PM
I look forward to learning more about this "top secret" bike plan (how can a publicly funded plan being reviewed by public officials not be available to the public?). I think when city administrators are simply creating the plan, there are no requirements to allow the public to attend the meetings. Once it gets to the council level for discussion residents have the right to review and comment. But you have to be careful though because some Grosse Pointe city councils don't even provide for public comment on their agendas. You have to get permission to speak! Residents really need to pay more attention to how their governments are functioning, often without resident input encouraged.
Brian Vosburg March 22, 2012 at 06:12 PM
Judy, Bikes don't have to compete. They can use the same infrastructure together and legally do so right now. Why duplicate infrastructure with a separate bike path when Kercheval, St. Paul, and countless other roads have more than enough capacity to safely handle autos and bikes at the same time. Bikes and cars are relatively safely using the street together now. Designated bike lanes and/or signage formally letting motorists know that the road is to be shared will enhance the safety.
Rosanne Triano March 24, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Bike paths are a great idea. When you ride your bike on the sidewalk you also need to navigate the low hanging tree branches.


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