Ferry Sticks it to Gym Teacher After Fundraiser

Ferry Elementary students duct taped gym teacher Nicole Brumme to the wall Friday afternoon as part of a celebration of the school surpassing its $13,000 fundraising goal.

Gym teacher Nicole Brumme challenged students at Ferry Elementary in Grosse Pointe Woods to hit their $12,000 fundraising goal in the schools October Fun Run.

The deal: Hit the goal, and they could duct tape her to the gym wall.

"You not only hit it, you surpassed it!" she cheered to the students at the celebration assembly Friday. She then gave the PTO a check for $13,000 and prepared for her feat.

Students and teachers lined up inside the gym with strips of duct tape and took turns taping her to the wall. Once the taping was done, they removed the crates and kids cheered to see their teacher stuck to the wall.

It was all for fun, Brumme said, and to celebrate the school's pride and achievement.

Cathy November 05, 2012 at 12:48 AM
You are still one of the brightest stars at Ferry, Mrs. Brumme! The Coughlin Family (who knows it's "Nicol")


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