Grosse Pointe MEAP Results Show Improvements

More Grosse Pointes students achieved proficiency on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program in 2012 as compared to 2011, according to numbers released Monday.

In general, more Grosse Pointe Public students achieved proficiency with the Michigan Educational Assessment Program in 2012 than in 2011, according to numbers released by the Michigan Department of Education Monday. 

The gains are significant after the MDE changed the scoring last year to reflect more accurate classifications including: advanced, proficient, partially proficient or not proficient. Under the new scoring, students must pass about 65 percent of the test items whereas that number was previously only about 39 percent.  

The standardized test, commonly referred to as MEAP, is given every fall as a measure of the level of student learning. The scores are broken down in a variety of ways, including by individual schools as well as an overall figure to show the percent of students who are considered proficient.

Grosse Pointe Performance

Grosse Pointe Public Schools outpaced statewide proficiency in all subjects. Particular areas of gain included fifth grade math and reading and eighth grade math--areas that saw gains of nearly 10 percent more than 2011.

The area with the least proficiency for Grosse Pointe students is science in fifth and eighth grades, where less than 30% of those tested were found to be proficient.

Scores from 2011 spurred officials in the district to review the fifth grade science curriculum and 3.1 percent more students were found to be proficient in 2012 than 2011. The total proficiency rate however, is 27.7--the lowest result throughout the district. 

According to data provided by MDE, including reconfigured results dating back to 2009, the district has continually improved its scores a little bit at a time. Often the year-to-year result comparisons show little difference.

For a school-by-school breakdown of how each school performed on the 2012 MEAP, visit School Data: How Did Grosse Pointe Perform on the MEAP Test?

Grosse Pointe, Michigan Proficiency

Grade 3 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 68.1 61.9 40.9 Reading 84.3 76.9 66.5 Grade 4 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 74.7 72.4 44.9 Reading 84.6 84.9 68.1 Writing 70.1 71.5 46.7


Grade 5 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 75 66 45.7 Reading 90.3 86.2 70.4 Science 27.7 24.6 13.1


Grade 6
Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 58.5 57.3 40.2 Reading 80.3 79.4 68.2 Social Studies 51.7 49.3 29.7


Grade 7 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 61.9 65.1 38.4 Reading 80.6 82.5 62 Writing 75.6 74.1 51.7


Grade 8 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 55.1 46.7 32.5


82.9 76.9 62.7 Science 28.9 29.9 15.9


Grade 9 Grosse Pointe 2012 Grosse Pointe 2011 Michigan 2012 Social Studies 56.6 52.7 28.6

Figures from the Michigan Department of Education.

Christopher Profeta February 11, 2013 at 03:15 PM
I asked this on the Facebook page, but I'll ask here too. Is the MEAP or the MME the best way to measure student success, or is there a better way of evaluating a person's ability to take information and process it and put into action in a real world setting?


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