Grosse Pointe Teachers Inform Parents of Snyder's Plans

Dozens of teachers in the Grosse Pointe Public School System participated in a peaceful protest of sorts of Gov. Rick Snyder's school budget plan Tuesday.

Teachers at many of the handed out fliers to parents Tuesday—some before and some after the school day—providing information about Gov. Rick Snyder's budget plans and what those mean for Grosse Pointe students. 

The peaceful protest of sorts is part of a larger plan by the Michigan Education Association, which organized the MEA Day of Action for Tuesday. Teachers across the state were encouraged to wear red in support of education.

Events by local education associations were planned through the state according to the MEA website and locally, the Grosse Pointe Education Association members were encouraged to participate, President Ranae Beyerlein said.

Some of the Grosse Pointe schools chose not to participate but others planned a variety of activities, including peaceful demonstrations such as handing out the informational fliers, Beyerlein said. 

Teachers from some of the schools, including , encouraged parents to wear red Tuesday with the educational leaders to show their support. The request came in a note sent home with students late last week stating "feel free to join the teachers in the district" who will wear red Tuesday to show "how much we believe in investing in your child's education." 

Motorists spotted teachers protesting near Mack and Vernier roads following dismissal Tuesday, which is near . Parents of students received the informational fliers during the typical morning drop-off time. Similarly, parents of students received a flyer and teachers held signs protesting the more than $1.4 million Snyder's plan calls to cut from Grosse Pointe schools alone.

Beyerlein said teachers from and had planned to participate as well. Many of the teachers in Grosse Pointe keep in regular touch with legislators, she said. 

Some teachers needed more encouragement to participate Tuesday because of the conservative nature of Grosse Pointe and the thought that they didn't want to upset parents, Beyerlein said. 

The efforts were not of a picketing nature but as an informational distribution and an attempt to educate parents about what's going on in Lansing and what potential effect it could have on students locally. 

Several support staff members were marching near Mack Avenue and Vernier Road late Tuesday. They were not able to be out at the same time as the teachers but still wanted to show their support and let the public know about Snyder's plan.

Larry Garcia June 08, 2011 at 12:34 PM
Why does this story not include any of the actual issues that the teachers have with Snyder's plan?
Ranae Beyerlein, PhD June 08, 2011 at 03:33 PM
Here are the issues: Snyder is breaking a promise to K-12 students and their school districts by including funding for colleges and universities in the School Aid Fund. Snyder has turned a surplus of money for education into a deficit. Snyder's budget is cutting higher education by millions, making college unreachable for many students and limit their future success. Snyder's $1.8 billion tax cut robs Michigan students of their future, taxes the pensions of senior citizens, and eliminates tax credits for low-income families. This isn’t “shared sacrifice.” The top priority should be creating jobs yet GP laid off 32 teachers, and many non-instructional workers, as did many other districts. GP stands to lose $470-$270 per pupil and might be mandated to open schools of choice.
Jon Awbrey June 08, 2011 at 06:40 PM
The Governor and his Privateers are starving the Public Sector in Michigan out of existence for a reason, so that private corporations can complete their hostile takeover of all public services. They stopped being content with tax abatements, bailouts, bribes, incentives, kickbacks, and worker concessions a long time ago — they want nothing less than the automatic funneling of tax dollars directly into their private corporate bankrolls without the annoying interference of all us pesky commoners. Mackinac Center For Public Policy • “State Needs Privatization” • http://www.educationreport.org/15050 Lansing State Journal • “Going Private? — Snyder, Republicans Put New Focus On Merits Of Privatization” • http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/article/20110515/NEWS04/105150528/GOING-PRIVATE-Snyder-Republicans-put-new-focus-merits-privatization


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