Nearly All General Education Teachers Likely to be Recalled

The Grosse Pointe School District administration anticipates recalling nearly all of the general education teachers for the upcoming school year.

In an update to the , Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Jon Dean said he believes all of the general education teachers are likely to be recalled by late August for the upcoming school year. 

The district staffs according to enrollment and had to layoff some teachers earlier this year the budgeting process was underway. As enrollment numbers shift and increase, teachers are called back. 

This year, Dean said he expects to recall nearly all of the general education teachers who were part of the layoffs. There are some secondary specialty education teachers who will remain off as enrollment in those areas is lower than in past years, Dean said. 

The school board approved the recall of several teachers during the last two meetings and Dean anticipates bringing an additional list to the board in August, he said.

The other factor that influences layoffs and recalls is retirements, resignations and leaves by teachers. As the district completes many of those, it leads to recall of the general education teachers. 

Diane Smith August 02, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Also: Kerby Principal - done South Assistant Principal - done South Band Director - done South Choir Director - done
GP For Life August 02, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Oh, they're not keeping the choir director at South? I've heard such uniformly positive things about her.


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