North, South Students Win Television Awards

Television production students from North and South high schools competed in the Michigan Student Film and Video competition. Students from both schools earned honors.

Television production students from both North and South high school earned a variety of awards at the recent Michigan Student Film and Video Festival. The 'Best of Show' videos are to be on display at the Detroit Institute of Arts in the  film theater April 27.

The following students were honored:

Grosse Pointe South

  • Brian L'Heureux--Excellence for news report from the Presidential Inauguration.
  • L'Heureux, Max Mager, Alex Peters and Jack Martin--Excellence for their special effect music video.
  • Jenny Ansell, Kathy Collins, Claire Stevenson --Excellence for short film Trapped in 1927.
  • Ingrid Shirar, Ali Crowley, Margaret Brennan, Kim Stavale, and Bridgette Champane’s --Excellence in music video.
  • Mnemosyne Chirolla, Taylor Moore, Samantha Danielian--Excellence distinction for music video Take a Chance on Me
  • Ansell, Collins, Stevenson -- honor for music video One Step at a Time Mead
  • Maxwell, Ben Boettcher, Alexandra Golden, Greg Nelson-- honor for music video Sleepy Head
  • Sally Ottenhoff, Rami Nazarko, Carl Stafford --final honor with music video I’m Just a Kid

South Merit Awards:

  • Ali Yenchick, Emily Zink, Jennifer Colosi, Mimi Teodecki, Lydia Burton, Christian Baker for music video Golden Age.
  • L'Heureux, Mager, Peters, Martin

Grosse Pointe North

  • Sean O’Melia--three Excellence awards for videos promoting several school dances and the start of basketball season
  • CJ Kusch, Richie Filippelli, Ryan Babcock --Excellence for an introductino to the Norsemen News Rain Delay 
  • Patrick Lane, Steven Zak, Carter Bock, Jack Stapleton --Excellence for an intro to the Norsemen News
  • Lane, Jack Guest, Chase Wujek -- Excellence for a PSA on cyber bullying.  
  • North's television production classes as a group won Excellence Awards for work on the GPN Distinguished Alumni Video and a school inspiration video
  • Nick Rahaim, Jack Stander, Jeff Herron, Brad Wrenski, Chase Wujek--Honor for intro to the Norsemen News: GPN Anchorman
  • Sean O’Melia -- two Honor awards for videos promoting girls hockey
  • Madison Gafa --Honor for girls swimming video yearbook segment Under the Sea
  • Michael Carlisle, Rashaad French, Marcel Taylor -- an Honor for their Norsemen News Remix music video
  • Carter Bock, Andrew Toutant, Ben Washington-- Honor for public service announcement about drinking. 
  • Robert Nesom Marie Bourke, Julia Rustmann, Sarah Rustmann --Honor for public service announcement about hall sweeps
  • Tyler Capp, RC Nelson, Jack Guest -- Honor for intro to the Norsemen News: Hunter.

North Merit awards:

  • Sean O’Melia for Girls Hockey Season in Review and History Will Be Made
  • Tyler Capp, RC Nelson, Jack Guest for Return 
  • Dan Weiner for his music video Wanna Be


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