Another Win for Grosse Pointe Park Little Leaguers

Two of the three teams will compete today in games related to the state title. The third team will have a police escort from Grosse Pointe as they leave for the Great Lakes Regional in Indianapolis on Thursday.

Grosse Pointe Park Little Leaguers brought home another win this afternoon at Johnston Park in Harper Woods against West Portage. The Park held a 3-0 score for most of the game.

West Portage gained momentum near the end, scoring one run leading to the final score of 3-1. The will play again in the next game at 3 p.m. Wednesday, also at Johnston Park—getting them one step closer to the state title. 

Meanwhile, the 11U team is slated to begin its next game for the state title at 4 p.m. in Midland. 

The program has had much success this year with , two advancing and its 12 International Tournament team heading to Indianapolis on Thursday for the Great Lakes Regional competition—where the teams that will head to the 2011 Little League World Series will be determined. 

Grosse Pointe Park Little League Board President Marty McMillan attributes the success to not only the current coaches but also the coaching by the players leading up to this season and the phenomenal support of volunteers. 

The results are more a measure of the program's and coaches' long-term success and strength, he said, noting the players don't develop their skills in one season. He also attributes the high level of competition within District 6. Playing other teams that offer great competition only makes all of the teams better, he said. 

While the Park Little Leaguers are advancing, he said the four leagues from the area—Grosse Pointe Woods/Shores, Grosse Pointe Farms/City and Harper Woods—are close-knit and are now cheering their competition on as they play in the state games. 

"There is certainly competition on the field, but off the field everyone is very supportive," McMillan said, noting the many calls he's received wishing the league good luck and support as the teams advance. 

The league is having a celebration Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Getz Field at . It's a pep rally for the 12s International Team, a recognition rally for all of the teams in the league down to the 8-year-olds and a kickoff to the league's second season. 

Games for the second season will begin following the pep rally. Second season allows players from the area—not just the Park—to continue playing as the winning teams advance. 

The 12s International Team will also receive a police escort through the Village Thursday morning as they leave for Indianapolis. Once they arrive, the players will stay in dorms and will not be allowed to have individual contact with anyone without supervision. 


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