Voting...The Best Revenge?

Will you take the President's advice, and use your vote to punish other Americans?


Revenge.....is that what this election is about? In a campaign speech on Sunday, the President urged his Ohio supporters to, "Vote. Voting is the best revenge." I'm inclined to take his advice. After all, voting isn't really the privilege and solemn duty of responsible citizens; it's a weapon to be wielded against one's enemies. Perhaps the President was playing off the popular aphorism, "Living well is the best revenge"; again, I would heartily agree. The President has replaced "Living well," with "Revenge." I wish folks in America were living well again, but I'd settle for "Living better."

   Folks would be living better if they weren't afraid of skyrocketing energy prices, as November brings winter. The combination of bad energy policy, expensive renewable mandates, and meager job growth; has many people wondering how they'll heat their homes this winter. Liberal legislators would remedy this problem by handing out subsidies for everything from food and electricity, to condoms and cell phones. These subsidies would be paid for by those of you who, by the grace of big government, are still wealthy enough to bear the brunt of over taxation. The money runs out, then you borrow, then you're out in the cold. Homes get heated when energy is cheap, and people have steady paychecks.

   Folks would be living better if the businesses downtown were thriving. Businesses hire people, when they're not afraid of tax hikes and soaring health care costs. Business owners run scared with targets painted on their backs, while potential employees stand in line at the Michigan Works office.....Revenge is sounding better and better.

  Three days ago, if asked, I would have predicted a victory for the President in the electoral college; but "revenge".....really? Revenge against who? Should disagreeing with the President's policies make us the object of liberal vengeance? Have we digressed from civil discourse, to Hatfields and McCoys?

   Gone is the kinder, gentler President; who can reach across the aisle and trade sweet nothings with republican governors. I was afraid that Mitt Romney's momentum had finally been stopped, amid Sandy's bipartisan hugs and Red Cross speeches. For a little while there, the President was standing alone in the spotlight; looking presidential, and talking about cutting through bureaucracy to get the job done. This is what gets Presidents elected. I had concluded that a freak, catastrophic storm had diverted the nation's attention away from lopsided debates, an ailing economy, and dead ambassadors; and gift wrapped a second term for the President.

   But alas, my fears were in vain. The take charge, bipartisan President of last week; is back to his usual divisive self, encouraging his supporters to take revenge on the other half of the country. Petty attacks and fear mongering, are the default position of a candidate on the ropes. The President continues to look small and agitated, while Mitt Romney is looking more and more presidential, in front of bigger and bigger crowds.

      This election will be a cliff hanger. One thing, however, is clear; in January , through sequestration and tax hikes, the next President will inherit a nation on the verge of a second recession.....or worse. I don't believe President Obama is up to the task of restoring prosperity to America; but Mitt Romney has an uphill battle ahead, should he emerge victorious. When all of the election hype dies down, and folks fade back into the routines of life; it will be the responsibility of an informed citizenry to remain engaged. Don't go to sleep; because tyranny and despotism will continue to crouch in the shadows, awaiting the opportunity to pounce. Remember that getting your candidate elected is only the beginning. Due diligence is required, to hold him or her accountable for their actions. Politicians will do frightening things, when they think you're not paying attention.

   I don't find the idea of revenge voting very appealing. I've never thought of my vote as an instrument of punishment. I vote for people, and policies, that I believe will benefit all Americans; even those who disagree with me. If we continue to use our democratic process to dole out punishment, we will never get busy fixing the situation we find ourselves in together.

     So I will see you at the polls. I hope you cherish the opportunity to make your voice heard; many have sacrificed to protect the rights and institutions, that we sometimes take for granted. Regardless of the outcome of this election, the grassroots conservative movement is here to stay. I encourage all my fellow patriots to stay engaged and involved. You have made your presence felt, and your voices heard. I am proud to have stood beside you over the last four years.....More will be required from us, so I'll see on the other side.


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Bryan Bentley November 06, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Oh you most certainly do carry the Dem water Don. You like to wave McCotter around like a flag, but don't want to talk about Dems who are absolute crooks. You can't have it both ways Don. Well, apparently YOU can... LOL
Don November 06, 2012 at 11:52 PM
@ Bryan: Kwame Kilpatrick was a Dem and crooked politician. There you go Bryan. But what do YOU think of the job McCotter did? What do YOU think of his potential Republican replacement? I suspect your few followers would like to know. Were or are they good representatives of YOUR party? These are the people that are supposed to represent ALL of us in Congress, as our direct link to the US Government. Is that not as important as your vendetta against Plymouth Township trustees?? Do you want to take a pass on this one too?
Don November 06, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Curious that Tony doesn't check in and comment on what people are saying about his missive. Paid blogger on the run maybe? You would think they would get somebody able to interject a little bit more (like any) for that kind of dough.
Don November 07, 2012 at 12:12 AM
@Bryan - How come you can't address my counter to your lame argument on the kind of job Obama has don-specifically your fact checking on gas prices, your reponse of the Bush admin blunder on handling 9/11 attack intelligence, the justification for the Iraq wars, and the condition of the Bush-exiting economy? Too trivial for you address, when you have campaign sign stealing issues to address? Does dancing around one topic enable you to evade addressing all the others too? Firing fibs and half-truths and then not responding when you are called out on it...sounds like Romney! I'm glad you can laugh that off!
Don November 07, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Where are you today, Bryan? It seems your influence in local politics is on the wane, don't you think?


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