Detroit Dog Rescue Receives $1.5 Million Gift

Non-profit organization co-founded by Grosse Pointe resident and hip-hop artist Daniel "Hush" Carlisle gets anonymous donation.

A local resident’s non-profit group has gotten a big boost.

Detroit Dog Rescue, co-founded by hip-hop artist Daniel “Hush” Carlisle of Grosse Pointe, received $1.5 million in valued stock options from an anonymous donor.

Carlisle and Monica Martino established the Detroit Dog Rescue with a mission to build a no-kill animal shelter and rescue more than 50,000 homeless dogs in the city.

They said the donation, made by a woman who is suffering from a life-threatening illness, will help the organization’s efforts to achieve that goal.

“I’m proud of this city, and profoundly grateful that this donation puts us on the right path to building a no-kill shelter here,” Carlisle said in a press release.

“Detroit Dog Rescue is much more than just a shelter,” he said. “It’s an organization that will succeed through community outreach, economic assistance programs and education, because we cannot end the stray dog problem without the citizens of Detroit."

"We will be continuing our rescue work in the community and broadening our fundraising activities as we move forward in earnest with site selection and development plans," he added. "In just a few months we’ve managed to make a real difference for the dogs in Detroit and to open people’s eyes to their heartbreaking situation. Now we are looking forward to doing even more to help these dogs in 2012.”

Martino, an Emmy-nominated television producer, is the CEO of the Detroit Dog Rescue. She had been researching stray dogs in Detroit for a Discovery Channel production before the city shut down the show.

“This donation is just the beginning,” Martino said in the press release.

Detroit Dog Rescue has received national media attention, including a report on the NBC Nightly News that brought the group to the anonymous donor’s attention.

NBC Nightly News has provided updates on the group, including news of the gift Thursday night.

Animal Rescuer April 07, 2013 at 05:03 AM
There is still no shelter built and I heard they are being investigated as to what they did with the money. Shame in them!


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